Nicaragua Finca La Bendición

Nicaragua Finca La Bendición


Producer: Luis Alberto Balladarez
Region: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
Process: Honey
Variety: Pacamara
Harvest: 2019
Tasting Notes: Apple, Caramel, & Pecan

Finca La Bendición is divided into 8 sections, each planted with a special variety. This entirely Pacamara lot is from an area of the farm called El Cipres. It was processed at dry mill Beneficio Las Segovia, which has truly mastered the art of the honey process in Nicaragua. Unlike most washed coffees which are wet-fermented before washing, this lot It is dry-fermented for 8 hours, and then washed with a small amount of sticky mucilage still intact on the bean. This method contributes to the nice fruit-like acidity that you’ll notice in the cup.

A crisp apple acidity makes the coffee exceptionally lively. Notes of caramel, brûléed peach and pecan add a wonderful depth of flavor. The cup’s full body and silky-smooth finish completes this memorable experience.