Uganda Nyakishenyi

Uganda Nyakishenyi


Producer: Kirima Mill
Region: Kanungu
Process: Natural
Variety: Mixed Arabica
Harvest: 2019
Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Carob, & Juicy

The village of Nyakishenyi is at an elevation of 1850-2100M and processed at the Kirima wetmill which sits at 1600M. Nyakishenyi borders the Kanungu and Rukungiri districts in Southwestern Uganda. This coffee was harvested by smallholder farmers who all have an average of 80 trees. The coffees rested for 1.5 months before milling and bagging. This coffee was sourced for us by Gorilla Summit Coffee. GSC works with smallholder farmers to improve health and education in the community; two areas they see as points of intersection to combat extreme systemic  poverty.

Hints of nectarine and faintly tropical fruit abound in the fragrance and aroma.. In the cup, juicy stone fruit notes add layers of complexity over a caramelized foundation of carob. A subdued acidity and light body carry through an impressively resonant finish.