Mexico Veracruz


  • Tasting Notes: dark chocolate | praline | medjool date
  • Roast Level: medium-light
  • Producer: Alejandro Martínez
  • Farm: Finca Zopilote & Finca Alfonso
  • Region: Veracruz
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1200 MASL
  • Variety: Marsellesa
  • Harvest: 2023
  • About this Coffee: The Martínez family farms are situated in the central region of the state Veracruz, Mexico. Alejandro’s family has been cultivating coffee for five generations. Alejandro and his brother Juan José Martínez Anaya, have introduced innovative systems to the farms, including cultivating coffee varietals that are capable of confronting the challenges Mexican producers are currently facing. They are also promoting biodiversity preservation by introducing native plants within their coffee farms to create a harmonious balance between nature and agriculture. This coffee underwent an 18-hour fermentation process after being harvested. It was subsequently depulped and washed, then placed on the rooftop to dry for 32 days.

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