Who We Are

We are Publik Coffee Roasters.

Salt Lake City, Utah is our home. We love our big little city and take pride in serving rad, delicious coffees. We believe in quality over quantity which is why we sweat the small and the big stuff. We believe in community, and are proud to be an active and productive player in ours. We believe in planet over profit, which is why our roastery is 100% solar powered with an oxidizer that filters out 96% of the particulates from the roasting process. 

We work with local architects and design experts to create places that people want to be in. While each location stands apart from the others, all are unique gathering spaces in Salt Lake City serving phenomenal small batch, roasted-to-order coffee and menus that use locally sourced ingredients.

Publik is Dutch for "community". We believe that coffee cultivates community and our coffee houses are the gathering places that build it. 


We take to heart that coffee has a far reaching social and environmental impact. We partner with importers that have strong relationships at origin who are equipped to work at the farm-level and can make a positive impact within coffee growing communities. We are able to support our importer partners by paying a premium for coffees that allows producers to have the ability to cover their production costs and have enough income to improve their quality of life. 

Through these partnerships, we are able to give recognition to coffee producers by sharing their backgrounds and stories about their coffees. Furthermore, we are able to source sustainable and uniquely delicious coffees that align with our values of quality over quantity and planet over profit.


We use a meticulous approach to highlight each unique flavor from the coffees that we source.    We've set a regular routine to examine each roasted batch and we leverage technology to collect and analyze data. This makes it possible for our coffees to remain deliciously consistent week after week. By thoughtfully applying general roasting guidelines depending on density, bean size, and processing method, we are able emphasize the experience that all of our coffees have to offer.