Organic Beekeeper

Organic Beekeeper


Blend: Peru & Ethiopia

Process: Washed & Natural

Harvest: 2018-2019

Beekeeper our first-ever organic blend. It’s a zippy and fruit-forward drip blend that will please any fan of lighter-to-medium roasts and prefer to drink their coffee black. It’s an intrinsically sweet coffee that has a crisp acidity and tastes great on its own. The sustainably-sourced certified-organic Ethiopian and Peruvian coffees are something we can all feel great about.  Luscious fruit notes of pineapple and cherry cordial are anchored by a deliciously balanced undercurrent of roasted peanut.

We started with a delicious natural-processed Ethiopian coffee that we thought was almost too good to be blended. That was until we found an exceptionally well-rounded Peruvian coffee that turned out to be the perfect complement to the Ethiopian fruit bomb.


Beekeeper excels in virtually all drip and manual brew methods. There are even a few old school diehard fans who swear by it as espresso. Don’t just take our word for it though. Give it a try!