Just Friends

Just Friends


Country: Guatemala & Uganda
Region: Coban & Kanungu
Process: Fully Washed & Natural
Variety: Caturra & Mixed Arabica
Harvest: 2019 
Tasting Notes: Strawberry Wafer, Tangerine, & Wildflower

We are happy to present this new seasonal blend - “Just Friends” is a cup that is both pleasing and eventful, a pastry-like coffee that is sure to be a treat. 


We start with a washed Guatemala from the region of Coban: a sweet and balanced coffee that adds a silky, milk chocolate body and brown sugar sweetness. This is combined with a natural processed Uganda from the village of Nyakishenyi, a coffee bursting with tropical fruit-forward fragrance, floral aroma and juicy acidity. 


Just like our Beekeeper blend, we find this coffee does well as filter brew and espresso. It is a coffee that can be both simple yet complex. Designed to be loved by all and shared with the ones who truly matter.