Miles Goodyear's Cabin

Miles Goodyear's Cabin


Blend: Brazil, Guatemala, & Colombia

Processing: Pulped Natural & Fully Washed

Harvest: 2019

We start with a base of a chocolatey, nutty Brazil and round it out with two sweetly citric coffees from Colombia and Guatemala that both bring an extra helping of chocolate notes. The components may change as the seasons come and go, one thing will always remain the same for Miles Goodyear’s Cabin: drinkability. This blend is for you, the coffee lover who craves the simple pleasures. Enjoying cup after cup of a mighty fine cup of coffee.

PREPARATION RECOMMENDATIONS:French Press, pour-over, drip brewer or cowboy coffee over a campfire - we love them all! As long as your water is pure and grind is on point--this one is hard to mess up.