SLC, UT 84101
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Event Inquiries: PublikSpace@publikcoffee.com

Our Downtown Roastery

Our flagship location and the home of our roastery. True to form, our coffee bar is built almost entirely using sustainable materials—recycled or repurposed, from the windows to the walls. Come by and drink coffee, do your homework, mooch wi-fi—whatever, we don’t judge. Alongside our brews we offer a small menu consisting predominantly of toast with things on it. Toast with cream cheese. Toast with jam. Toast with jam and cream cheese. You get it. All bread is baked fresh by Red Bicycle Breadworks out of PC, with jam and marmalade created by SLC’s own Amour Spreads.

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Publik SpaceWe worked our espresso-stained hands to the bone to get the doors open on an establishment up to our standards, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the bricks stacked up. At our West Temple coffee bar and roastery, you’ll find additional spaces for community events and private meetings. A 150-person warehouse-style space can accommodate most good-sized gatherings while three smaller rooms outfitted with WiFi and whiteboards provide the ideal place to cram before finals. We’re just like your favorite coffeehouse, only with better coffee and a better house.