Colombia Valeria Pino

  • Tasting Notes: nectarine | vanilla bean | milk chocolate
  • Roast Level: light
  • Producer: Valeria Pino
  • Farm: Los Pinos
  • Region: Montebello, Antioquia
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1650 MASL
  • Variety: Castillo, Colombia
  • Harvest: 2023
  • About this Coffee: Valeria Pino is part of the upcoming wave of the next generation of coffee producers. Her family’s farm is located in Montebello, a small town in the department of Antioquia. Our connection to this coffee was established through Unblended, one of sourcing partners. Valeria belongs to Unblended’s Young Producer Program. The primary objective of this program is to empower the upcoming generation of specialty coffee producers in Colombia. The program comprises various stages, including introductions to the US market, exploration of fermentation processes, establishing connections with roasters, production investing, and crafting marketing content for their brands. For this lot, the coffee was harvested in small batches and fermented in cherry for 12 hours. After removing the pulp, it underwent a second 24 hour fermentation. Finally, the coffee was washed then dried in silos until its moisture content reached 11%. In the cup we experience notes of nectarine, vanilla bean, and milk chocolate.

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