Ethiopia Sedaqa Olonso

  • Tasting Notes: honey dew | elderberry | key lime
  • Producer: Various
  • Region: Sidama
  • Washing Station: Sedaqa Olonso
  • Process: Spontaneous Fermentation
  • Elevation: 2350 MASL
  • Variety: Zipa
  • Harvest: 2021
  • About this Coffee: Located in the countryside of Ethiopia in the Bona Zuria district, is the brand new Sedaqa Olonso washing station. Over 400 smallholder producers bring their ripe cherries to this washing station. In many instances, a grower may produce only 2 or 3 bags of cherries per year, the sale of their cherries enables them to improve their quality of life. Therefore having a washing station within the area means that they do not have to trek so far with their cherries, and allows the cherries to reach the station at their peak of freshness. The spontaneous fermentation process serves two objectives. The first is to conserve water usage, while the second purpose is to let the naturally occurring bacteria and environmental yeasts aid in the process of breaking down the mucilage. The freshly pulped cherries are placed in open tanks to ferment without the addition of water. This allows the natural strains of bacteria in the air to start the fermentation process. After a few days, the cherries are flooded with cool water and pass into washing channels where local filtered river water pours over them while laborers scrub them with wooden rakes until the water runs clear. Once finished with the washing, the parchment coffee is carried to draining tables, where the excess water drains. Post-draining, the beans in parchment, are carried to open-air drying tables that are shaded by mesh canopies and are laid out to slowly let the sun draw out their moisture content. Once the cherries reach their ideal drying level, they are bagged and kept carefully separate while being transported to a regional processing mill for further processing. The resulting cup is loaded with juicy melon mouthfeel, aromatic elderberry, and a zesty key lime acidity.

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