Peru La Chonta


  • Tasting Notes: orange zest | honeysuckle | white grape
  • Roast Level: medium-light
  • Producer: Ernando Abad
  • Farm: La Chonta
  • Region: Cajamarca
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1700-1900 MASL
  • Variety: Red Caturra, Bourbon
  • Harvest: 2023-2024
  • About this Coffee: Finca La Chonta sits high in the mountainous region of Cajamarca in the northern part of Peru. Ernando‚Äôs farm spans 8 hectares, with half of it dedicated to coffee production. The rural community where Ernando lives is called Ihumaca, which has a population of 20 people. Over the years, Ernando has become a leading producer and leader in his village, aiming to improve the quality of life of his peers. He provides essential support to the coffee producers in his community.

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