• Tasting Notes: chocolate | brown sugar | citrus
  • Origin: Brazil | Guatemala
  • Process: Pulped Natural | Fully Washed
  • About this Coffee: The flavor profile of Cabin encompasses cozy and comforting vibes with approachable flavors of chocolate, brown sugar, and citrus. This well-balanced blend is easy to brew and can be enjoyed with or without cream and sugar. Cabin is made up of equal parts Brazil and Guatemala. The Brazil component consists of lots from producers in the Cerrado Mineiro region in the southeastern part of the country. This cluster of producers participate in a sustainability program named “LIFT”. This program was designed by Mercon Specialty and works directly with producers to provide agronomic assistance to help increase quality and productivity. The Guatemala component is made up of 10 - 15 smallholder producers based in the region of Huehuetenango in the western highlands. Primavera Coffee Importers works with about 200 producers in Guatemala. Lots such as these are of great quality, but are just shy of standing on their own as single producer lots.The belief is that the extra income that comes from combining the lots will help producers reinvest into their farms and wet-mills, thus improving quality in the years to come. Although components may change depending on the season, the cup profile remains consistent throughout the year.

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