• Tasting Notes: brown sugar | citrus | milk chocolate
  • Roast Level: medium-light
  • Origin: Brazil | Guatemala
  • Process: Pulped Natural | Fully Washed
  • About this Coffee: The flavor profile of Cabin encompasses cozy and comforting vibes. This balanced blend is easy to brew and can be enjoyed with or without cream and sugar. Part of this blend includes a regional lot from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil. The producers of this blend are part of a sustainability program that focuses on high quality and the digitalization of farm management. The other component is a regional blend from smallholder producers in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, who collaborate with La Central de CafĂ© and Primavera Coffee Importers. The producers that contribute to this lot typically have smaller yields and face challenges selling their coffee as individual microlots. By combining their coffees into a regional blend, they can secure better prices. The increased income allows them to reinvest in their farms and wet mills, ultimately enhancing the quality of their coffee over time.

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