Marmalade Decaf

  • Tasting Notes: orange | sweet | creamy
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Planadas, Tolima
  • Process: Sugar Cane EA
  • Variety: Various
  • About this Coffee: Marmalade Decaf is named in honor of one of our favorite SLC neighborhoods. The fact that it actually tastes a bit like orange marmalade doesn’t hurt either! The green coffee is decaffeinated by being gently washed with a natural alcohol-based solvent which is derived entirely from sugar cane. The resulting cup is sweet with a heavy mouthfeel and a sparkling orange acidity. We love this decaf because the natural solvent, ethyl acetate, is much less harsh on the beans than other popular water-based decaffeination methods. The EA method involves gently steaming the beans prior to being washed with the solvent. This results in a crystal-clear flavor profile that retains the vast majority of the bean’s unique character.

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