Central Ninth

  • Tasting Notes: dark chocolate | caramel | red fruit
  • Roast Level: medium light
  • Origin: Brazil | Guatemala | Ethiopia
  • Process: Pulped Natural | Fully Washed | Natural
  • About this Coffee: Central Ninth encompasses notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and red fruit. This blend has a great deal of versatility. It's been crafted to deliver a delightful taste when used as espresso, making it an excellent choice for espresso-based drinks. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic option for drip coffee. The first component consists of a community lot from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil. Producers that make up this lot participate in a sustainability program named “LIFT." This program was designed by Mercon Specialty and works directly with producers to provide agronomic assistance to help increase quality and productivity. For the second component, we introduce a Guatemalan regional blend consisting exclusively of coffees cultivated by women. This is a new offering from our importer partners. Primavera Green Coffee is playing a significant role in advancing gender equality for women coffee growers who often have limited access to crucial resources such as land, credit, training, and basic education. The women involved in curating this blend receive a premium for their contribution. Extensive research has highlighted that empowering women to partake in decision-making, including financial choices pertaining to their coffee farms, leads to enhanced success for families, communities, and overall well-being. The third component comprises an organic community lot sourced from the Guji Zone in Ethiopia. Catalyst Trade enables us to consistently acquire this coffee as part of their sourcing program, which is dedicated to purchasing the entire production of their partner producers. Furthermore, this program serves as a tribute to the renowned Mohamed Ogsady and his famous “Harar Horse” brand, known for its iconic flavor profile.

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